Doctor Who: The Second Doctor Adventures, 2. James Robert McCrimmon
Doctor Who: The Second Doctor Adventures, 2. James Robert McCrimmon

Doctor Who: The Second Doctor Adventures, 2. James Robert McCrimmon

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James Robert McCrimmon faced countless horrors while travelling with the Doctor, but when the Time Lords returned the Highlander to his rightful place in history, almost all those memories were lost to him. Now the Doctor is back and needs his old friend by his side for more adventures - but this time they're missions set by the sinister Raven.

From the streets of 18th-century Edinburgh to the deserted corridors of a medical facility in the far future, and a human colony where darkness reigns, Jamie must first confront the greatest trauma of all - his own memories.

Jamie by Mark Wright (2 parts)
Mysterious dreams of lives never lived haunt an ailing prisoner in Edinburgh Castle, in the year 1776. Meanwhile, the Doctor arrives on another reluctant mission for the Time Lords, with the enigmatic Raven observing his every move.

How is the Doctor’s erstwhile travelling companion, Jamie McCrimmon, connected with the terrifying deaths that plague the streets in the shadow of the castle? And will Jamie ever really know his true self again?

The Green Man by Paul F Verhoeven (2 parts)
Perched hundreds of miles above the forest canopy of Florestus Prime, The Grove rehabilitation centre promises to help the staggeringly rich of the galaxy cheat death. When a reunited Doctor and Jamie are despatched by Raven to investigate the disappearance of a Time Lord, they are greeted by Chief of Medicine, Overseer Fuller.

Watching from his room at The Grove, an incapacitated Doctor helplessly observes the facility from afar. Who is the lone patient waving from across the courtyard? Why is Overseer Fuller doing rounds late at night when the Grove appears to have no other patients? And what precisely does Raven know about the 'Green Man'?

The Shroud by Bob Ayres (2 parts)
Arriving on the planet Ninevah, the Doctor and Jamie find a desperate human colony fighting the effects of a devastating super weapon - the Shroud. Nullifying all light, the Shroud has rendered the humans blind in the face of aggressive alien invaders dubbed ‘Squids’, and it’s only a matter of time before the colony falls.

The Doctor and Jamie are caught between helping the humans fight back against the ‘Squids’ and investigating their latest mission for the Time Lords - but as they haven’t been told what that mission is, the pair are in the dark in more ways than one.

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