Doctor Who, The Seventh Doctor: 1. Silver and Ice
Doctor Who, The Seventh Doctor: 1. Silver and Ice

Doctor Who, The Seventh Doctor: 1. Silver and Ice

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7th Doctor (Sylvester McCoy) Audio Adventure
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The Doctor and Mel encounter old foes at the edge of the galaxy - where tinsel proves to be a dangerous commodity - before heading to a familiar planet going through turbulent times - and meeting another old acquaintance.

Bad Day in Tinseltown by Dan Starkey (2 parts)
The Doctor and Mel drop in on the frontier town of Brightedge - dubbed ‘Tinseltown’ after the curious by-products from its depleted mine. The Mayor thinks the future lies in entertainment, but as the locals start behaving oddly, a hidden force of Cybermen has other plans...

The Ribos Inheritance by Jonathan Barnes (4 parts)
The Doctor and Mel arrive expecting Suntime on Ribos, but find a world still shrouded in snow and ice - but it’s not just the climate that’s gone awry... As forces plot against the young King, a soothsayer predicts doom. And out in the wilds, the Doctor finds wily conman Garron caught up in events on Ribos once again.

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