Doctor Who, The Seventh Doctor: 3. Far From Home
Doctor Who, The Seventh Doctor: 3. Far From Home

Doctor Who, The Seventh Doctor: 3. Far From Home

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7th Doctor (Sylvester McCoy) Audio Adventure
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Harry and Naomi are back in the TARDIS, travelling with a very different Doctor to the one they first met - and he has promised to get them home…

The TARDIS takes them to Earth, but a dangerous era decades before their own. And when they visit the aftermath of a distant supernova, Harry is keener than ever to return to home comforts. But Naomi isn't so certain...

Operation Dusk by Alfie Shaw (three parts)
London during the Blitz, a city covered in darkness. It keeps everyone safe - until the darkness gets hungry. As the questions and victims mount up, the Doctor, Harry and Naomi are called in to investigate.

Why have the Vashta Nerada on Earth started eating people? And, perhaps more importantly, why didn’t they eat the cat?

Naomi’s Ark by Alison Winter (three parts)
Caught up in a galactic evacuation triggered by a supernova, Naomi is separated from her friends, in the company of some very unusual aliens.

The Doctor and Harry are stranded too - and any attempt to reach Naomi is at the expense of a precious, endangered civilisation - one that rivals the Time Lords for longevity and wisdom...

How far will the Doctor go for his friends?

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