Doctor Who: The Third Doctor Adventures, 08
Doctor Who: The Third Doctor Adventures, 08

Doctor Who: The Third Doctor Adventures, 08

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Two brand new adventures for the Third Doctor, Jo Grant and Sarah Jane Smith.

8.1 Conspiracy in Space by Alan Barnes

When the TARDIS is diverted to Draconia, the Doctor and Jo fall foul of the hawkish Lady Zinn. War with Earth seems imminent. The Draconian military are on high alert and rumours of a super-weapon are rife.

Execution, assassination, intrigue and a mysterious faction known only as ‘The Eyes’ are all part of a deadly mission the Doctor and Jo have no choice but to accept. But as they fight to survive, the peace of the entire galaxy hangs in the balance.

8.2 The Devil's Hoofprints by Robert Valentine

Long ago, in Devon in 1855, a mysterious event occurred. Overnight, during a terrible blizzard, thousands of hoofprints appeared in the snow. The tracks led on for miles... and no-one ever identified who or what caused them.

Many years later, the Doctor, Sarah and the Brigadier have come to Devon themselves, to visit a controversial scientific establishment in the wake of a mysterious death and rumours of strange occurrences in the vicinity.

But things are just about to get much, much stranger. Because they’re about to uncover the origins of the Devil’s Hoofprints... but is this one mystery that should have remained unsolved?

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