Doctor Who: The War Doctor Begins 6. Enemy Mine
Doctor Who: The War Doctor Begins 6. Enemy Mine

Doctor Who: The War Doctor Begins 6. Enemy Mine

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The Doctor is no more. A warrior has joined the Time War between the Daleks and Gallifrey. But how far will he go? What lines will he cross? How much of himself will he sacrifice?

6.1 The Hybrid’s Choice by Ajjaz Awad-Ibrahim
The War Doctor believes Case is dead. But her true fate may be worse - embracing her Dalek nature, recruited to the enemy’s cause. But serving her new masters is not easy. The Dalek Time Strategist knows that Case’s inner self is in conflict, and seeks a way to seal her fate forever.

6.2 Fear Nothing by Mark Wright
The War Doctor's search for Case is diverted by Commodore Tamasan, summoning him against his will to a remote TARDIS drydock facility at the very edge of the War. Tamasan has a dangerous proposition, but what is her true agenda? Case has been unleashed by the Daleks to eliminate a key Time Lord asset, an asset who could change the course of the Time War. With nothing left to lose, Case has nothing left to fear...

6.3 Exit Strategy by Matt Fitton
Case is with the Daleks - but the Emperor is yet to be convinced of her effectiveness as a weapon. The Dalek Time Strategist will not give up and takes Case to a secret facility for readjustment. The War Doctor will not give up on Case either. He hopes she can still be rescued. But he is not the man he was - and he may not be the man to save her...

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