Doctor Who and the Zarbi (Hardcover)
Doctor Who and the Zarbi (Hardcover)

Doctor Who and the Zarbi (Hardcover)

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The first Doctor is trapped on Vortis by the Zarbi, in a new facsimile edition of the long-out-of-print original 1960s edition. The Zarbi, huge ant-like creatures with metallic bodies and pincer claws, are waiting for TARDIS when it materializes on the cold and craggy planet Vortis. They capture the Doctor, Ian, and Vicki and take them to their weird headquarters, a city of web-like organic matter. In the final thrilling chapters, the Doctor and his crew encounter the power which controls both the Zarbi and the living Web City. How can they defeat this strange bladder of dazzling light which draws in and absorbs all who come into its presence?

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