Eaglemoss 'The Masters' Set 2

Eaglemoss "The Masters" Set 2

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Just like the Doctor, the Master has had many faces throughout the years. This box set collects the Master’s most infamous incarnations from the modern Doctor Who series!

The Master as Professor Yana (Sir Derek Jacobi) as he appears in the 2007 Tenth Doctor adventure 'Utopia', at the precise moment when the Master’s Time Lord essence returns to his body.

There has never been a Master quite like John Simm’s. Your figurine shows the Master just as he appears in the Tenth Doctor adventure 'The Sound of Drums/ Last of the Time Lords'

Missy – short for ‘Mistress’ – was the name of the Master’s female incarnation, portrayed by Michelle Gomez in series 8-10. A mocking mastermind with a cruel sense of humour, she was a deadly enemy – and occasional ally – to the Twelfth Doctor (Peter Capaldi).

And the latest Master incarnation returned to Doctor Who in season 12 portrayed by Sacha Dhawan! 

Product Features:

  • Material: Metallic Resin, carefully produced in 1:21 scale
  • Hand-painted for incredible detail to show all the little details
  • Great gift for Doctor Who fans

The evil Time Lords of Doctor Who are faithfully recreated as 1:21 scale models in this definitive box set collection, accompanied by an in-depth magazine. 

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