Eclectic Gypsy: An Unauthorised Biography of Doctor Who
Eclectic Gypsy: An Unauthorised Biography of Doctor Who

Eclectic Gypsy: An Unauthorised Biography of Doctor Who

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Packed with crucial revelations and candid insights, this is the first book ever to examine the remarkable life of the adventurous and mysterious time traveler known as Doctor Who. Drawing upon historical documentation, newspaper and magazine articles, hundreds of hours of interview tape and a vast corpus of television, audio, and written material, it traces the legendary "Doctor" from his birth on the now dead planet Gallifrey more than 700 years ago, through 10 regenerations and countless adventures in time and space. From his epic encounters with such alien races as the Daleks, the Cybermen, and the Slitheen, through the string of companions that have accompanied the Doctor on his perilous journey and onto the lost world of Gallifrey itself, this guide reveals the truth behind the being that fans around the world know simply as "the Doctor," questioning just how well they know him after all.

About the Author
Dave Thompson is a rock journalist who has contributed to Alternative Press, Mojo, Q, Record Collector, Rolling Stone, and Spin. He is the author of numerous music biographies—on artists such as David Bowie, Cream, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and U2—including the bestselling Kurt Cobain biography, Never Fade Away.

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