Gallifrey 2.2: Spirit
Gallifrey 2.2: Spirit

Gallifrey 2.2: Spirit

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Leela is tired. Tired of the backbiting politics and intrigues in the sterile society of Time Lords. With the fate of her husband now known, she feels lonely and out of place on Gallifrey.

Romana is tired. Tired of justifying herself and her policies to a hostile council. With the line between allies and enemies beginning to blur, she persuades Leela to go with her to the presidential retreat of Davidia, a protected paradise.

Then an anomalous time ship arrives, carrying a single passenger. His hands are crushed, his tongue torn out, his mind destroyed. Is this broken man a victim of some terrible crime or part of a trap now primed and ready to spring? After this strange encounter, Romana and Leela may never be the same again.

Series Cast
President Romana: Lalla Ward
Leela: Louise Jameson
K9: John Leeson
Inquisitor Darkel: Lynda Bellingham
Cardinal Braxiatel: Miles Richardson
Coordinator Narvin: Sean Carlsen
Castellan Wynter: Ian Hallard
Andred: Andy Coleman
Gold Usher: Nicholas Briggs
The Archivist: Trevor Littledale
Pandora: Brenda Longman
Romana: Mary Tamm
Commander Hallan: Michael Cuckson
Commentator Antimon: Robin Sebastian
Chancellor Valyes: Steven Wickham
Nekkistani Ambassador: Daniel Hogarth
Melyin: Heather Tracy
Student Neeloc: Stuart Piper
Student Taylor: Gary Bakewell
Student Galadina: Jenny Livsey
Student Barech: John Dorney
Student Gillestes: Lucy Beresford

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