I, Davros: 03. Corruption
I, Davros: 03. Corruption

I, Davros: 03. Corruption

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A new four-part mini-series that reveals the previously untold story of how a gifted youth became the evil creator of the Daleks.

'Logically, the war ends with one form of life in utter control of the world. All other life forms gone. That is the goal that is the only true victory!'

Now established within the Science Elite, Davros and his team are pushing the boundaries of Kaled experimentation further and further forward. Access to Thal DNA spearheads an entirely new field of research for Davros, and as he becomes more and more intrigued by genetic mutations, others around him begin to fear him, his drive and his obsessive need for power.

Meanwhile he must learn to cope with betrayal and political manoeuvrings that will leave him changed forever..

Cast List

Davros: Terry Molloy
Lady Calcula: Carolyn Jones
Colonel Nasgard: Richard Franklin
Yarvell: Lizzie Hopley
Young Davros: Rory Jennings
The Supremo: John Stahl
Lieutenant Nyder: Peter Miles
Scientist Shan: Katarina Olsson
Scientist Ral: David Bickerstaff
Tutor Magrantine: Peter Sowerbutts
Councillor Quested: Sean Connolly
Councillor Valron: Sean Carlsen
Section Leader Fenn: Daniel Hogarth
Major Brogan: Richard Grieve
Major Brint: James Parsons
Colonel Murash: Lisa Bowerman
Tashek: Rita Davies
Baran: Nicholas Briggs
Renna: Lucy Beresford
Saboteur: Scott Handcock
Tech-Ops Reston: Andrew Wisher
Tech-Ops Ludella: Jenifer Croxton
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