I, Who (Volume 2)
I, Who (Volume 2)

I, Who (Volume 2)

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I, Who 2: The Unauthorized Guide to "Doctor Who" novels and stuff

Continuing to document the Guinness World-record breaking "Doctor Who" original novel series, I, Who 2 indexes all "Who" books released after the Earth-shaking Interference. Written by Lars Pearson (Wizard), with a cover by Bryan Hitch (JLA, The Authority) and an introduction by Peter David (Captain Marvel), I, Who 2 also indexes and reviews the "Doctor Who" Big Finish audios, the Bernice Summerfield spin-off line and apocryphal works such as Campaign and The Masters of Luxor. As a bonus, this book includes an unpublished chapter from the "Who" novel The Sands of Time.
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