Iris Wildthyme 01: The Celestial Omnibus
Iris Wildthyme 01: The Celestial Omnibus

Iris Wildthyme 01: The Celestial Omnibus

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What is there left to say about Iris Wildthyme –- transtemporal adventuress extraordinaire, metafictional explorer of texts and subtexts, double-decker-dwelling interstellar bag-lady, amnesia-prone political and sexual revolutionary, writer of wrongs, wronger of rights (especially copyrights), all-round champion of freedom, occasional nightclub singer and frequent bar-room floozy?

Well, there's always something.

A collection of brand new stories, taking the transtemporal adventuress and her trusty companion Panda all the way from snowy Darlington to the literal end of the universe (and beyond!), visiting friends old and new on the way. With an introduction by Iris' alter-ego, Katy Manning, original artwork by legendary Doctor Who artist June Hudson and new stories from Paul Magrs, Philip Purser-Hallard and Steve Cole amongst many others. There really is always something new in the headlights of Iris' trusty number 22 bus to Putney Common!


Introduction by Katy Manning
A Gamble with Wildthyme by Steve Lyons
Sovereign by Mags L Halliday
The Unhappy Medium by Mark Wright and Cavan Scott
Living Legend by Stuart Douglas
Battleship Anathema by Phil Purser-Hallard
The Dreadful Flap by Paul Magrs
Not A Drop by Steven Wickham
Iris Wildthyme y Señor Cientocinco contra Los Monstruos del Fiesta by Cody Schell
Why? Because We Like You by Jonathan Dennis
The Scarlet Shadow by Stewart Sheargold
Only Living Girls by Steve Cole

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