Iris Wildthyme 05: Wildthyme in Purple
Iris Wildthyme 05: Wildthyme in Purple

Iris Wildthyme 05: Wildthyme in Purple

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Iris is a dotty old witch in a double decker bus that travels between the genres, and this time she's visiting the world of purple prose: pulp fiction. A host of great writers - including David McIntee, Richard Salter, Simon Bucher-Jones, Paul Ebbs and Jim Mortimore - take Iris on a journey through pulp in all its guises.

Amser Gwyll: Steffan Alun
Dance of the Voodoo Valkyries: David A. McIntee
FantĂ´mville: Nick Campbell
Flash Rogers Conquers the Universe: Richard Salter
Running with Caesars: Geoffrey Hamell
The Many Lives of Zorro: Richard Wright
Her: Simon Bucher-Jones
The Web of Terror: Iain McLaughlin
Frank Reade Jr's Electric Time Canoe: Steve Mollmann
The Bronze Door Paul: Dale Smith
Iris in the Dead Man's Gulch: Paul Ebbs
The Burrowers: Jim Mortimore
The Devil Wears Panda: Cody Quijano-Schell
Amser Gwyll (reprise): Steffan Alun

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