Keith C Bradbury's The Heir of Katan
Keith C Bradbury's The Heir of Katan

Keith C Bradbury's The Heir of Katan

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Thrust into a destiny he did not choose; torn by a love he could not have.

Nathan Keltan grew up dreaming of being more than every other common youth he encountered in his small village of Terrenton. Little did he know, his life had a purpose. But the prophecy that guided his life would tear him from everything he ever cared about and throw him headfirst into a battle with the greatest evil the world would ever know.

The Heir of Katan is the first book in The El'seliek, a series of novels that tell the story of the descendants of Katan, a family touched by prophecy and destined to change the world.

Keith C Bradbury is the owner of Who North America.

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