Lethbridge-Stewart: Kiss of the Ice Maiden (Paperback)
Lethbridge-Stewart: Kiss of the Ice Maiden (Paperback)

Lethbridge-Stewart: Kiss of the Ice Maiden (Paperback)

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Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart is in love.

Assigned to oversee the installation of a priceless exhibit for the British Museum in Vienna, Lethbridge-Stewart soon meets the intoxicating Melandre, a mysterious fashion model from Paris. Romance quickly blooms and they are soon going on a date, seemingly oblivious to the fact that someone, or something, is stalking Melandre.

Anne Travers, meanwhile, is helping out an old archaeologist friend on the Greek islands uncovering the remains of a mysterious race of giants. But that’s not all she uncovers. Soon an unexpected find leads her back to England, and an attack on the Fifth Operational Corps’ base at Imber.

Lethbridge-Stewart and Anne find themselves caught up in a mystery that goes back decades – maybe even centuries. The deadly Ice Maidens await, and they won’t be stopped. Which, for Lethbridge-Stewart, means a trip down memory lane to the Second World War, and an encounter with an orphan in the war-torn streets of London.

Sometimes love has a price. And Lethbridge-Stewart is about to learn, it’s a costly one!

About the Author

Michael Sloan worked for Glen Larson and wrote and produced the TV shows McCloud starring Dennis Weaver, Quincy starring Jack Klugman, The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew Mysteries starring Shaun Cassidy, the original Battlestar Galactica starring Lorne Greene, Richard Hatch and Dirk Benedict, and BJ and the Bear starring Greg Evigan. Michael was nominated for an Emmy for his work on the TV series Quincy.

Added to this, Michael wrote and produced The Equalizer starring Edward Woodward and The Man From U.N.C.L.E TV Movie starring Robert Vaughn, David McCallum and Patrick Macnee (of The Avengers fame), and three TV Movies based on The Six Million Dollar Man and The Bionic Woman TV series starring Lee Majors, Lindsay Wagner and Richard Anderson. 

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