Lethbridge-Stewart: UNIT
Lethbridge-Stewart: UNIT 'Operation Wildcat' and Other Stories (Paperback)

Lethbridge-Stewart: UNIT "Operation Wildcat" and Other Stories (Paperback)

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Join  the Brigadier and Benton in nine short stories looking at life in the United Nations Intelligence Taskforce.

Ever wondered what happened on Benton’s first official day in UNIT, or why he left to sell used cars? Ever wondered how Benton earned his sergeant stripes? Or what he got up to on his days off?

How Does UNIT select new recruits? And what happens when the clean-up after an alien incursion goes wrong? In Operation Wildcat and Other Stories, you’ll find these things out – and a lot more.

Features stories by Tim Gambrell, Simon A Brett, Iain McLaughlin, Sharon Bidwell, James Middleditch, Baz Greenland, Sarah Groenewegen and Jonathan Macho

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