Mummy's Mask: 04. Secrets of the Sphinx
Mummy's Mask: 04. Secrets of the Sphinx

Mummy's Mask: 04. Secrets of the Sphinx

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Deep in the Osirian desert stands the blank-faced monument known as the Sightless Sphinx. In search of the stolen mummy of Chisisek, the architect of the flying tomb of the Sky Pharaoh Hakotep I, Ezren, Harsk, Merisiel and Valeros track the cult of the Forgotten Pharaoh to its secret headquarters inside the sphinx.

There they confront monstrous mercenaries and servants of the demon lord Areshkagal before finally confronting the masked cultists and their leader, the Forgotten Pharaoh, who has been possessed by a fragment of Hakotep’s soul. 

Written By: Mark Wright, from a story by Amber Scott
Directed By: John Ainsworth


Stewart Alexander (Valeros), Trevor Littledale (Ezren), Ian Brooker (Harsk), Kerry Skinner (Merisiel), Sophia Hannides (Serethet), Walles Hamonde (Rathos), Fanos Xenofós (Userib), Marc Elliott (Orchamus), Badria Timimi (Naheeba), Steven Wickham (Erayu)

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