RPG: Paternoster Investigations
RPG: Paternoster Investigations

RPG: Paternoster Investigations

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That Babylon of the moderns with its crystal light and its glitter. All aswarm with the wretched ruins of humanity. Men and women crushed by the Devil’s juggernaut. Moral turpitude can destroy the most delicate of lives. Believe me, I know. I know! – Mrs Gillyflower, The Crimson Horror

Welcome to the Victorian Age!

Paternoster Investigations takes your Doctor Who Roleplaying Game to the Victorian era: favourite haunt of the Doctor and home to the Paternoster Gang. Victorian London and the particulars of the age are laid out in all their varied splendours.


A catalogue of all the Doctor’s on-screen visits to Victorian era.

A tour of the Victorian era as a setting with notes on how to get the best from it in your games.

Expert advice on constructing your own Victorian-era adventures and Paternoster Gang campaigns.

A guide to Victorian London with both historical and alien locations.

New traits, gadgets and devices for the Victorian age.

A complete Victorian-era adventure: A Study in Flax.

Character sheets for Victorian-era characters: Madame Vastra, Jenny, Jago and Litefoot, Jackson Lake, and more.

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