Rani Takes on the World 2. The Revenge of Wormwood
Rani Takes on the World 2. The Revenge of Wormwood

Rani Takes on the World 2. The Revenge of Wormwood

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Sarah Jane Smith and the kids of Bannerman Road faced many dangers in their time. Alien soldiers, robot armies and immortal tricksters, but one in particular proved a persistent foe - one of the Bane, aliens with their greedy sights set on Earth.

The first time Mrs Wormwood led an invasion, she created an Archetype - later Luke Smith, adopted by Sarah Jane. On her next visit she made an enemy of Rani Chandra, but was dispatched into an interdimensional portal - never to be seen again. Or so Rani and Clyde believed...

But Wormwood survived to plot and plan in her vortex prison - now she has found a way back and will have her revenge!

2.1 Time Schisms! by Lizbeth Myles
Podcast fan Anna thinks there's a time traveller working in her local post office. So, who else should she ask to investigate other than Rani Chandra? Unconvinced at first, Rani is shocked when an old friend warns her off. If UNIT don't want her looking into it, there must be something to the phenomena... But will Rani's quest for the truth drive a wedge between her and Luke?

2.2 The Star-Crossed Diversion by Alison Winter
After falling asleep on the night tube, Rani and Clyde wake in a nightmare - a future in which the Bane have succeeded in taking over the Earth. Humans are docile cattle, the planet's resources sold to the highest bidder. Bane Uncle Crispin believes all opposition has been crushed, but the new arrivals are ready to fight. Are they the last hope of resistance? And how can Rani and Clyde ever return home?

2.3 The Ghost of Bannerman Road by Jonathan Morris
13 Bannerman Road. The place where it all began, where Rani, Clyde and Luke fought alien menaces with Sarah Jane. Now it’s locked up, derelict and under the watch of UNIT, because top scientists are mysteriously disappearing, and items of alien technology are being stolen from laboratories. An old friend is planning to make her return... and Rani and Clyde have to face their own ghosts.

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