Red Dwarf DVD Series 4
Red Dwarf DVD Series 4

Red Dwarf DVD Series 4

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Synopsis: Boldly going where no one in their right mind would ever go, this hilarious, cult Sci Fi spoof takes you on a joyride three million years into the future. Those ubiquitous anti-heroes of space travel - Lister, Rimmer, Cat and Kryten - are following up their spectacularly successful series I & II DVD's. In series IV, Ace Rimmer arrives from an alternate dimension, Kryten falls in love and Lister's curry tries to kill him in six more slices of classic Red Dwarf chaos.
Actors: Chris Barrie, Craig Charles, Robert Llewellyn
Critic's Quotes: "Give in to the craziness. You'll find it delightful" - Boston Herald
"A worldwide cult phenomenon" - Sci Fi Dimensions
"Smeggin' Brilliant!" - Cinescape
Awards: Emmy

Audio Commentary : Cast commentary on every episode
Documentary : "Built to Last" original documentary
Easter Eggs
Featurette : "Lurve" Featurette, Can't Smeg Won't Smeg Special, Ace Rimmer - A Life in Lame
Other : Raw FX Footage, Isolated Music Cues, Trailers, 12-page Collector's Booklet, all totalling over three hours of bonus footage
Outtakes : Smeg-Ups and Deleted Scenes Galore!
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