Rose Tyler: The Dimension Cannon 2 (CD Set)
Rose Tyler: The Dimension Cannon 2 (CD Set)

Rose Tyler: The Dimension Cannon 2 (CD Set)

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10th Doctor (David Tennant) Audio Adventures
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Rose and her friends and family are trapped in another dimension on a parallel Earth. With her world doomed and a universe at stake, Rose must continue her frantic search for the only person who can help... the Doctor. 2.1 Saltwater by Alison Winter Rose finds an Earth under threat, as something steals the salt from the oceans.  As global tensions escalate, Rose wants to make those in charge listen, and finds an ally in the shape of another Clive…  2.2 Now is the New Dark by AK Benedict  On an Earth where science never advanced from the Dark Ages, Rose and Clive find themselves under suspicion.  Someone is killing the Melancholics, but apparently, there's a Doctor here who can help…  2.3 The Rogue Planet by Emily Cook Rose finds herself closer to home than ever - but she's in for a shock.  Meanwhile, Jackie is a hit on daytime TV and Clive is a professor, but nobody seems to realise how much danger the world is in.

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