Rose Tyler: The Dimension Cannon 3 (CD Set), Trapped
Rose Tyler: The Dimension Cannon 3 (CD Set), Trapped

Rose Tyler: The Dimension Cannon 3 (CD Set), Trapped

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10th Doctor (David Tennant) Audio Adventures
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After a disastrous dimension jump, Rose is trapped in a strange and dangerous reality.

Rose’s mission is to save the multiverse, but first, she must save herself!

3.1 Sink or Swim by Lizzie Hopley
Rose is trapped and alone, at sea in an unfamiliar world, where a strange entropy eats away at those struggling to survive. But she finds family, and hope, as she starts her quest to escape...

3.2 The Lower Road by Tim Foley
Trekking the wastelands, Rose and Danni discover a community that seems to have made peace with the Anti-Life. But all groups have their secrets, and bargains come at a price.

3.3 The Good Samaritan by Helen Goldwyn
Trying to repair her Dimension Cannon, Rose seeks out the last haven of technology on this Earth. But the utopia of the Dome hides a more desperate situation - and a storm of Anti-Life is closing in...

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