Sarah Jane Smith, Roving Reporter
Sarah Jane Smith, Roving Reporter

Sarah Jane Smith, Roving Reporter

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It’s all about Sarah Jane Smith.

Sarah Jane Smith – without a doubt, the most popular Doctor Who travelling companion of all time. An investigative journalist – confident, courageous, compassionate, inquisitive – possessing a sharp mind and tongue, and unabashedly feminist.

Sarah Jane Smith: Roving Reporter is a celebration of the lives of Sarah Jane Smith and Elisabeth Sladen and features:

  • Twelve exciting short stories by authors Nick Walters, Paul Magrs, Simon Bucher-Jones, Rick Cross, Rob Nisbet, Tony Jones, Daniel Tessier, Russell McGee, Kevin Mason, Nick Krohn, Steve Ince and Matthew Kresal
  • Two exclusive comic strips with story and artwork by Jon Huff and Ken Holtzhouser
  • Essays by Jessica Chaleff, Sam Maleski, David Johnson, Niki Haringsma, Aidan C Matear, David McAllister, Thomas Spychalski, Claire Chaplin and Gary Phillips
  • Selected Artwork by Russell McGee, Ken Holtzhouser, Jon Huff, Brian Gorman, Jessica Chaleff, Faiz Rehman, Anne-Laure Tuduri, Lee Hamill, John Monaco, Mark Hyland, Robert Hammond and Steve Ince
  • A special foreword by Sadie Miller 

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