Second Flight (Deluxe)
Second Flight (Deluxe)

Second Flight (Deluxe)

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David Tennant is...the Doctor! Picking up where "Back to the Vortex" left off, "Second Flight" continues the story of the development of Doctor Who as David Tennant takes over the TARDIS from Christopher Eccleston and embarks on a 2005 Christmas special ('The Christmas Invasion') as well as a second series of adventures in time and space with Rose Tyler (Billic Piper), and featuring Noel Clarke as Mickey and Camille Coduri as Jackie Tyler. "Second Flight" reveals the background to the series, from the announcements, to the press releases, casting calls, the highs and lows, and the return of the dreaded Cybermen. The book also features detailed analysis of the new adventures, facts and figures, and exclusive review commentary from an international panel of writers and critics.

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