Space: 1999, 02. Earthbound
Space: 1999, 02. Earthbound

Space: 1999, 02. Earthbound

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These are dark times on Moonbase Alpha, and along comes an opportunity to return home to Earth. For one of the Alphans, this is the end of their journey…

2.1 Mooncatcher by Marc Platt
Strange alien messages are being beamed at Moonbase Alpha. Are they a welcome or a warning?

No one can tell. When a giant object appears on the long-range scanners, stir-crazy Alpha personnel are keen to investigate. But when Delta One’s secrets begin to unfold, an unexpected and disturbing series of events is set in motion.

2.2 Earthbound by Iain Meadows
Is the Moon truly destined to roam the stars forever, or should the people of Alpha divert their efforts towards a return mission to Earth? Koenig knows in his heart that Earth is lost to them. But Commissioner Simmons is convinced returning home is a serious option.

Perhaps there’s only one way to resolve the issue once and for all. But will an experiment in democracy tear Alpha apart, leaving it open to incoming alien dangers?

2.3 Journey’s End by Nicholas Briggs
The Kaldosians have arrived. Can their advanced technology offer a solution to the Project Earthbound mission?

Their leader, Zantor, makes an emotional connection. But will this only lead to heartbreak and death?

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