Starburst, Special 76: Doctor Who
Starburst, Special 76: Doctor Who

Starburst, Special 76: Doctor Who

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132 Fantastic pages!

Doctor Who Season Two Complete
• We present a review of every Season Two episode, plus new interviews with the cast and crew, and some behind-the-scenes secrets that couldn’t be revealed before!
The Christmas Special that introduced David Tennant as The Doctor

Battlestar Galactica
On-set interview
• ”People are used to seeing me walking around half-naked…”
Star Jamie Bamber on the third season and the transformation of his character, Apollo

Stargate SG-1 Exclusive!
• ”I think of her as ‘damaged goods’”
Actress Claudia Black discusses her role as Vala Mal Doran in the upcoming Season 10 of this long-running series

Masters of Horror Exclusives!
• We meet two of the great talents behind this new TV Horror anthology

• Clive Barker The master of weird fantasy chats about his writing career, his graphic novels and his episode Haekel’s Tale

• John Carpenter The director of movie classics Halloween and The Thing talks about his new projects, including his episode Pro-Life

Superman Returns
• As the Man of Steel flies into cinemas worldwide, we conclude our acclaimed on-set coverage, and look back at the making of the 1978 original that inspired Bryan Singer’s new epic

Shivers in Starburst
• A special supplement brings you the magazine of Horror entertainment!

Step inside and see what Shivers is all about!

• All the lastest news from the world of Horror and dark fantasy, including Daniel Craig’s new role as the devil!

The Hills Have Eyes
• As the remake comes to DVD, we talk to director Alexandre Aja about the project

Nightmares and Dreamscapes Set Visit
• HBO presents an anthology of Stephen King stories with an all-star cast – we paid a visit…

DVD Reviews
• Underworld: Evolution, The Hills Have Eyes, The Omen Special Edition and Nigel Kneale’s Beasts


Sci-Fi Gallery
• Dazzling posters from our top features!
Battlestar Galactica – Jamie Bamber
Stargate SG-1 – Ben Browder and Claudia Black
Doctor Who’s New Companion

Trailer Park
• We take a sideways look at a trailer for an upcoming movie. This issue, Daniel Craig is James Bond, 007 in Casino Royale
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