Stargate Atlantis: 10. Nightfall
Stargate Atlantis: 10. Nightfall

Stargate Atlantis: 10. Nightfall

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In the distant Pegasus galaxy, the scientists and soldiers of the Atlantis expedition push back the frontiers of knowledge and exploration; in the city of the Ancients, new challenges and old secrets are waiting to be unlocked. Far from home, ranged against lethal enemies the Atlantis team must fight to preserve a distant outpost of humanity against impossible odds; but when the Nightfall comes, it will be like nothing they have ever encountered before...

About the Author
James Swallow is the author of several books and scripts, and his fiction from the worlds of Stargate features the novels Halcyon and Relativity, the audio dramas Shell Game, Zero Point and First Prime and short stories for Stargate: The Official Magazine.

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