Sylvester McCoy: The Real McCoy
Sylvester McCoy: The Real McCoy

Sylvester McCoy: The Real McCoy

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Sylvester McCoy and David Banks first met in 1988 during the making of the 25th Doctor Who Anniversary story Silver Nemesis. 18 months later they worked together again in the pantomime Aladdin, Sylvester playing the Slave of the Lamp and David the Chinese Emperor — the ideal opportunity for David to discover more about the man behind the Seventh Doctor...

Who's the Real McCoy? — recorded on Tuesday 2 January 1990 at the Palace Theatre, Manchester — charts for the first time in fascinating detail, and in Sylvester's own inimitable words, the early years in Scotland, the training as a priest, the work as a City accountant, the long 'apprenticeship' in theatre and TV and the portrayal of the Doctor — all the elements, in fact, that constitute the real McCoy!

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