The Adventures of Luther Arkwright
The Adventures of Luther Arkwright

The Adventures of Luther Arkwright

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The Adventures of Luther Arkwright is a 3 CD Epic, adapted from Bryan Talbot's classic comic strip story. David Tennant (hotly tipped to be the 10th Doctor!) heads the cast along with Blake's 7's Paul Darrow.

Referred to by Michael Moorcock as "an alternative history of modern times", the series sees Luther battle against the Disruptors in a parallel world where many things are familiar - but nothing is the same.

'Up-and-coming' actor, David Tennant takes the leading role of Luther Arkwright himself and this is just the latest of several roles that he has performed for Big Finish. His first appearance was as Feldwebel Kurtz in the Doctor Who adventure, Colditz. Other parts have included the unplesant UNIT officer, Colonel Brimmicombe-Wood in the Doctor Who Unbound story, Sympathy for th Devil; Galanar in Dalek Empire III and Daft Jamie in the Sixth Doctor adventure, Medicinal Purposes.

David is joined by Paul Darrow who recently guest-starred along side Paul McGann in the Eighth Doctor audio drama, The Next Life.

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