The Avengers: The Lost Episodes, Volume 7
The Avengers: The Lost Episodes, Volume 7

The Avengers: The Lost Episodes, Volume 7

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Steed and Dr Keel return to action in these final three recreations of classic lost episodes.

Dragonsfield, written by Ian Potter, from a script by Terence Feely

A man has been murdered in an experimental laboratory, and Steed is sent to investigate. Someone is working for the other side - and Steed will need to untangle a messy web of inter-personal relationships if he's to stand any chance of identifying who.

The Far Distant Dead, written by Tom Mallaburn from a script by John Lucarotti

En route from Chile back to England, Dr Keel stops off to help the victims of a cyclone. Except not every fatality he encounters was caused by the disaster. It appears he's stumbled onto an international conspiracy of the most sinister kind... and the perpetrators will be found many miles away...

The Deadly Air, written by John Dorney from a script by Lester Powell

When an experimental vaccine is destroyed Steed calls in Keel to join him on the scene as a medical expert. But it isn't long before the saboteur becomes a murderer. As the situation escalates, can the Avengers identify their foe before they become his victims?


Producer David Richardson
Script Editor John Dorney
Executive Producers Jason Haigh-Ellery and Nicholas Briggs

Written By: Adapted by Ian Potter, Tom Mallaburn, John Dorney
Directed By: Ken Bentley


Anthony Howell (Dr Keel), Julian Wadham (John Steed), Lucy Briggs-Owen (Carol Wilson), Cate Debenham-Taylor (Lisa Strauss), Harriet Kershaw (Susan Summers / Secretary), Ramon Tikaram (Saunders), Richard Dixon (Redington / One-Fifteen), Christopher Taylor (Boris / Landlord), James Joyce (Jack Alford / Peters), Robert Fitch (Technician / Dr Philip Karswood), Karina Fernandez (Dr Ampara Alvarez Sandoval / Maria Alvarez), David Shaw-Parker (Hercule Zeebrugge / Luis Garcia), Andy Secombe (Inspector Gauvreau / Godoy / Jose Alvarez), Alex Blake (Rayner / Caron / Sergeant Delon), Tom Alexander (Mateos / Mario), Dan Starkey (One-Ten), Bettrys Jones (Barbara Anthony / Receptionist), Richard Atlee (Heneager / Herbert Truscott), Ewan Bailey (Dr Hugh Chalk / Armstrong), Glen McReady (Dr Owen Craxton / Professor Kilbride)

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