The Fifth Doctor: Conflicts of Interest (3)
The Fifth Doctor: Conflicts of Interest (3)

The Fifth Doctor: Conflicts of Interest (3)

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In the far future and the recent past, the Doctor, Nyssa and Tegan discover that humans can be monsters too. 1. Friendly Fire by John Dorney (3 parts) When the TARDIS needs to reset itself, the Doctor, Nyssa and Tegan find themselves having to fill time on a space-hub filled with numerous attractions. This pleases Tegan and Nyssa no end... but the Doctor is more interested in visiting an alien friend of his living on a nearby mining planet and is able to persuade his friends to join him. But on arrival, his friend is nowhere to be found and the locals are more than slightly unwelcoming. With limited options for departure and a hostile populace they may be in a lot of trouble. Sometimes true monsters are found in the strangest places. 2. The Edge of the War by Jonathan Barnes (3 parts) France in the summer of 1936. The village of Villy is in a state of contentment, tinged only slightly with unease. A kilometre away, construction is underway on a large underground fortification, part of the Maginot Line project which has seen the building of a series of defences against future invasion. A young artist has arrived in the village to paint the landscape. Her name is Nyssa and she has taken a room in the local inn, run in its owner’s absence by a young Australian woman called Tegan. But she's not the only newcomer. A detective called the Doctor has just got in from Paris. And he has quite a mystery to solve...

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