The Fifth Doctor: The Dream Team (5)
The Fifth Doctor: The Dream Team (5)

The Fifth Doctor: The Dream Team (5)

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Mysteries come in all shapes and forms. From a small-scale murder to an alien conspiracy. But when they arise the Doctor, Tegan, Nyssa and Adric are the perfect team to deal with them.

The Merfolk Murders by Tim Foley (4 parts)
St Andrews, Scotland, 1940. The Merfolk are a university society meeting through the summer to discuss murder mystery stories. Innocent escapism during wartime, they say. Their latest book is The Casebook of Orion Hood - whose hero is all-too-familiar to the Doctor...

When a real-life murder occurs soon after their gathering, the Doctor’s friends encourage him to investigate. Is one of the Merfolk responsible? Was this crime the result of espionage or envy? The Doctor must embrace his deerstalker once more and solve this wartime mystery - before the killer can strike again!

Dream Team by Lizzie Hopley (2 parts)
“Welcome to Concordium! The one-stop destination for elite and effective corporate bonding.”

A protected wonder of space is being exploited for ‘company away days’ but when the Doctor, Tegan, Nyssa and Adric land to challenge the organisers, they fall into a web of perfectly tailored nightmares. As the Doctor confronts one of the most dangerous monsters in existence, one that uses your own mind against you while it feeds, his companions fall deeper into the trap and a nasty truth is revealed - you can die in dreams.

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