The Official Doctor Who Annual 2023
The Official Doctor Who Annual 2023

The Official Doctor Who Annual 2023

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A Doctor Who Annual like no other. This year's journey through time and space will take you across the Doctor Who universe - to the past, present, future. And beyond. Are you ready for the Biggest Adventure of Your Life? Well then . . . Meet The Doctor. And Yaz and Dan. And her mortal enemies - Sontarans, Weeping Angels, Daleks (the list is endless, really). Then travel back through time and discover a history full of regenerations, monster-defeating and universe-saving. With a complete history of the Doctor, games and activities featuring friends and foes new and old and an exclusive short story from a favourite companion, this annual has it all. An incredible celebration of 60 years of Doctor Who, from the Timeless Child to the Next Doctor - your journey through time and space starts right here.

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