The Quest for Pedler: The Life and Ideas of Dr Kit Pedler
The Quest for Pedler: The Life and Ideas of Dr Kit Pedler

The Quest for Pedler: The Life and Ideas of Dr Kit Pedler

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For many people, Kit Pedler is best known as the man who created the Cybermen for Doctor Who, a real life scientist at the time specialising in ophthalmology who was brought in to act as an advisor and bring some science to the fiction.

Together with his friend and writing partner Gerry Davis, he created the hugely successful and controversial BBC1 drama series Doomwatch, which captured this fear and frightened the adults as much as the Cybermen scared the children.

Doomwatch changed his life and launched him as a prophet of doom, whose stories uncannily predicted real life ecological accidents and disasters and became a much sought after pundit in the press and on television.

With contributions from his family, friends, colleagues and critics, this book tells the story behind a fascinating, charismatic, complicated and demanding human being; a natural teacher who didn't just want to pontificate about the problems facing the world in a television or radio studio, but actually do something practical about them.

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