The Scarifyers (6): The Magic Circle
The Scarifyers (6): The Magic Circle

The Scarifyers (6): The Magic Circle

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Professor Dunning (Terry Molloy) is finding the business of single-handedly saving Great Britain from the forces of darkness rather taxing.

And Lionheart? Lionheart is missing.

When the only clue to his disappearance seems to lie in a twenty-year-old murder investigation, Dunning turns to the one man who might have the answers: Lionheart’s erstwhile colleague Harry ‘Thumper’ Crow (David Warner).

Harry doesn’t hold with supernaturalism, but over the next few days he’s going to see some very strange things indeed: a string of murdered magicians, a dead music-hall star come back to life, and a pensioner from the depths of hell.

Can Crow and Dunning find Lionheart? A terrible truth awaits, as they unearth the long-buried secrets of THE MAGIC CIRCLE.

David Warner as Harry Crow
Terry Molloy as Professor Dunning
Stephen Thorne as Billy Banter, PC Stripe and Trevor the Golfer
Ewan Bailey as Montague Blake, Solomon Winters, Chief Inspector Fang, Thornton Tremayne, Sergeant Dogge, BBC Radio Announcer and Newspaper Seller
Lizzie Roper as Iris Binns, Doreen Bradshaw (Brown Owl) and Mavis 'May' Sputum
Cicely Giddings as Lily Wighton, Ethel Snatch, Little Wendy and Megan the Receptionist
Scott Brooksbank as Chung Chang, Inspector Boot,regrine Villiers, Rev. Hector Snipe and Geoff the Golfer
David Bickerstaff as Horace Sprout, 'Appy 'Arnold, Gideon Hill, Wally Webber and Compton Wetherby
David Benson as David Devant, Alexander Chetwode Caulfield-Browne, Brian the Bingo Caller, Colin the Compere and Bert the Bus Driver
Phil Rose as A. K. "Bunny" Cheesewright

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