The Scarifyers (9): The King of Winter
The Scarifyers (9): The King of Winter

The Scarifyers (9): The King of Winter

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Midsummer, 1938. When a train porter is frozen to his living room chair (then nearly crowned Miss Croydon), MI-13's Harry Crow (David Warner) and Professor Dunning (Terry Molloy) are on the case. But what links the unfortunate porter to the equally glaciated peer-of-the-realm, Lord Trumpley? MI:13's investigations lead them to exclusive gentleman's establishment, The Tartarus Club, whose membership appears to be rapidly dwindling.

What is the secret of the Tartarus Club? Why are the villagers of Thornton Gibbet afraid of a 300-year-old ghost? And why is it snowing in June?
As everlasting winter sets in, Crow and Dunning find themselves pitted against their greatest foe yet... THE KING OF WINTER.

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