The Science of Doctor Who (Softcover)
The Science of Doctor Who (Softcover)

The Science of Doctor Who (Softcover)

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With a foreword by Sir Arthur C Clarke
Doctor Who began in 1963. His journeys have shown us alien worlds, strange lifeforms, futuristic technology and mindbending cosmic phenomena.

The breadth and imagination of the Doctor's adventures have made the show
one of science fiction's truly monumental success stories. BBC Focus Editor
Paul Parsons explains the scientific reality behind the fiction.


- Why time travel isn't ruled out by the laws of physics
- The real K-9 - the robot assistant for space travellers built by NASA
- How genetic engineering is being used to breed Dalek-like designer
- Why before long we could all be regenerating like a Time Lord.
- The medical truth about the Doctor's two hearts, and the real creature
with five

With style and exuberance The Science of Doctor Who brings the very latest
scientific thinking down to Earth.

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