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Time Unincorporated

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In Time, Unincorporated, the best essays and commentary from a range of Doctor Who fanzines are collected and here made available to a wider audience. In spirit, this series picks up the torch from Virgin's Licence Denied collection (1997), concentrating some of the most delightful, insightful and strange writings on Doctor Who into a single source. Volume 1 of this series collects 15 years of Doctor Who-related essays and articles by Lance Parkin, one of the highest-regarded Doctor Who novelists. The cornerstone of this edition is a year-by-year survey and analysis of Doctor Who that Parkin wrote for the 40th Anniversary of Doctor Who (updated to the present), as well as a myriad of Parkin's articles and columns from the fanzines Enlightenment and Matrix. Also included: Parkin's original pitch for the celebrated Doctor Who novel The Infinity Doctors (1998), his extensive advice on the art of writing and more.

About the Author
Lance Parkin is the author of a number of Doctor Who novels, including The Dying Days (the first original novel featuring the eighth Doctor, now a BBC ebook), The Infinity Doctors, Father Time and the bestselling The Gallifrey Chronicles. He is the author of the long-running unofficial Doctor Who chronology, A History. His other work includes the science fiction novel Warlords of Utopia and guides to the works of Alan Moore and Philip Pullman. He was a storyline writer for the soap opera Emmerdale, and went on to write four books about that series.

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