Timeslides: The Doctor Who Artwork of Colin Howard (Hardcover)
Timeslides: The Doctor Who Artwork of Colin Howard (Hardcover)

Timeslides: The Doctor Who Artwork of Colin Howard (Hardcover)

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Colin Howard's art graced the covers of around thirty VHS releases, and for the first time ever, they're collected together in Timeslides: The Doctor Who Art of Colin Howard.

Join Colin as he opens his personal archive and takes you on a tour of his Doctor Who universe – from iconic videos to book covers, from illustrations to private commissions. Featuring original sketches, unpublished designs, and a fascinating commentary, Timeslides takes you further behind the scenes than ever before.

Colin discusses the lack of reference material in a pre-internet world, achieving the high level of detail everyone expects from his stunning pieces, his ongoing battles with Multiple Sclerosis, meeting his definitive Doctor Who companion and making her a promise, and much more.

Colin's work has been featured in the Target novelisation range; on the covers of the Doctor Who Classic Comics, and the past Doctor and Eighth Doctor Adventures novels; in Doctor Who Magazine; and even in recent DVD and Blu-ray animations like The Evil of the Daleks

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