Torchwood: 15. Consequences
Torchwood: 15. Consequences

Torchwood: 15. Consequences

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Saving the planet, watching over the Rift, preparing the human race for the twenty-first century... Torchwood has been keeping Cardiff safe since the late 1800s. Small teams of heroes, working 24/7, encountering and containing the alien, the bizarre and the inexplicable.

But Torchwood do not always see the effects of their actions. What links the Rules and Regulations for replacing a Torchwood leader to the destruction of a supermarket? How does a witness to an alien's reprisals against Torchwood become caught up in a night of terror in a university library? And why should Gwen and Ianto's actions at a local publisher's affect Torchwood more than a century earlier?

For Torchwood, the past will always catch up with them. And sometimes the future will catch up with the past...

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