Torchwood: Among Us, Set 2
Torchwood: Among Us, Set 2

Torchwood: Among Us, Set 2

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Orr's on a mercy mission to a doomed city. Sgt Andy is visiting an old flame in prison. Bilis Manger spends a night in the Torchwood Hub. Mr Colchester has to keep the most hated man in Britain alive for one more day.

“I know where you are now. And I know what I will do next.”

7.5 Propaganda by Ash Darby
Orr is desperate to get to Voloshnik. The city’s sealed off in the middle of a war the world’s forgotten. There has to be someone left to save.

7.6 At Her Majesty’s Pleasure by Tim Foley
Yvonne Hartman is in a very special prison. And there’s absolutely no way out of it. So why is she convinced she’s escaped?

7.7 Cuckoo by Tim Foley
A group of urban explorers break into the Torchwood Hub. They disturb Bilis Manger who has his own plans for the evening.

7.8 Pariahs by James Goss
We’ve all spent the last two years sticking our DNA in jars and sending it off in the post. What happened to it? Two people know the secrets of the Phlobos Scandal, and Torchwood have to keep them alive.

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