Torchwood One: Machines (CD Set)
Torchwood One: Machines (CD Set)

Torchwood One: Machines (CD Set)

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  Torchwood One - we defend the British Empire. We keep everyone safe. For your own good.

Something's happened. Something's twisted its way into Torchwood One. Something old. Something which should have been forgotten, wiped, abandoned. Something which has been waiting. Something which knows how the world should be ruled, how people should be used.

When humanity's threatened, Yvonne Hartman is required.

The Law Machines by Matt Fitton

The Mayor of London is launching her bold new law and order initiative. The capital will be kept safe from crime, from fear, from terrorists. The Law Machines are launching. What could possibly go wrong?

Blind Summit by Gareth David-Lloyd

Ianto Jones has just moved to London. He's broke, has no friends, no future. One day he loses the one thing he's been holding on to, and suddenly people around him are dying. Could a mysterious woman really offer him salvation?

9 to 5 by Tim Foley

It's Monday morning. Stacey loves Mondays. Stacey loves every day. Stacey lives to work. She's a temp and she loves it. Only there's a man in the coffee queue who has a terrible warning for her. Stacey is going to die today.

Written By: Matt Fitton, Gareth David-Lloyd, Tim Foley
Directed By: Barnaby Edwards                                

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