Torchwood Soho: Ashenden
Torchwood Soho: Ashenden

Torchwood Soho: Ashenden

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Return to the world of 1950s Torchwood!

Welcome to Ashenden. An exciting new town just outside London, and also the home of a terrible secret.

London has been infiltrated - a darkness is spreading from the bombsites to the highest ranks of government. A darkness that cannot be stopped. A desperate hunt is on for the man who caused it.

The past has come for Torchwood agent Norton Folgate. This is the hour of the hollow man.

1. Pimlico
Sergeant Andy finds himself chased through the ruins of London with only a dead woman for company.

2. O Little Town of Ashenden
Ashenden was once a listening station. It's become something far worse.

3. The National Health
Sergeant Andy must fight his way out of a hospital that offers care from the cradle to the grave.

4. Rivers of Blood
Miss Satterthwaite always dreamed that the stars were listening to her, and now they're changing her life forever.

5. Now is the Time for All Good Men
Lizbeth Hayhoe is looking for help from those in power. But they are turning a deaf ear.

6. The Hour of the Hollow Man
Some things in life cannot be escaped. Death, taxes, and a picnic on the beach.

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