Treasure X: King's Gold (Mini Beast)
Treasure X: King's Gold (Mini Beast)

Treasure X: King's Gold (Mini Beast)

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The search for Real Gold Dipped Treasure continues in Treasure X: King's Gold - Mini Beast Pack! This pack includes a completely new method of reveal including a new smash and dig layer with resusable magic rock!Begin the mini quest by opening the sarcophagus then use the included tool to dig through the reusable magic rock! Discover in the rock a Mini Beast figurines and treasure which could be real gold dipped treasure!With 24 new Mini Beasts and treasures to collect, there's a new unboxing adventure to be found in every pack!
What’s Inside:
  • 1 x Mini Beast
  • 1 x Magic Rock Filled Vessel
  • 1 x Tool
  • 1 x Treasure
  • 1 x Trap (Critter)
  • 1 x Map/Collector's Guide

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