UFO: 01, Destruct Positive!
UFO: 01, Destruct Positive!

UFO: 01, Destruct Positive!

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The human race is under threat.

The public has no idea.

But alien ships are already attacking. And aliens are already here.

1.1 Destruct: Positive!
Ed Straker is a test pilot in the US Air Force. Then, one day, his aircraft is attacked by a UFO. His life will never be the same again...

1.2 Things We Lost in the Darkness
SHADO training is underway. But an exercise turns into the real thing as the aliens bring terror to the quiet of the sleepy, English countryside.

1.3 Full Fathom Five
Skydiver is SHADO’s new, formidable frontline defence against alien attack. Stepping aboard, Ed Straker is on a mission to find out if the right people are in charge. Because when things go badly wrong, they are the ones whose lives are on the line.

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