UFO: 02, Breaking Point
UFO: 02, Breaking Point

UFO: 02, Breaking Point

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New recruits. New technology. New threats. SHADO is nearly fully operational, but the alien menace is intensifying at a greater rate than the fledgling organisation can cope with. Under ever-increasing pressures, Straker is repeatedly put to the test. Facing unimaginable weaponry, warring factions, and near-insurmountable personal strain - can the man leading the fight to defend Earth survive? 2.1 Lost in Action An unexpected confrontation at 30,000 feet leads to a civilian casualty. With no other options, Straker must recruit this stubborn but brave pilot to join SHADO. Meanwhile, Straker’s team orders the early activation of Moonbase - without his consent. It’s just in time. Now, the nascent organisation is being put to the ultimate test, and SHADO’s latest recruit will have put his life on the line. 2.2 Assassination Time In the wake of loss, SHADO’s problems are brought into sharp focus by a series of unexpected and inexplicable events. A new threat from the aliens emerges - one that the organisation is ill-equipped to deal with. With few options left, Straker must follow his instincts and put SHADO’s survival in the hands of a traitor. 2.3 Breaking Point SHADO faces a severe security breach, swiftly followed by the most intense and highly-coordinated alien threat it has ever seen. Straker now faces unimaginable pressures from every angle. The strain on him, and his organisation, reach impossible levels. Mistakes will be made. Lives will be lost. Could this be the end?

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