UNIT Brave New World 2. Visitants
UNIT Brave New World 2. Visitants

UNIT Brave New World 2. Visitants

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The countdown to the millennium begins. New dangers face Brigadier Winifred Bambera, Sergeant Jean-Paul Savarin and Dr Louise Rix - some manmade, some uncanny, and some from beyond this world. To defeat them they must stand together... or there’ll be no tomorrow. 2.1 The Frequency by Tajinder Singh Hayer UNIT has been invited to take part in the testing of a top-secret US Air Force project designed to make military groups function better as a team: the 'Hoplite Frequency'. However, the implications of this powerful mind-altering technology make Sergeant Savarin uncomfortable. Will Bambera heed the misgivings of her loyal Number Two, or take the charismatic Colonel Hagen up on his offer and choose to embrace the Frequency? 2.2 Haunt by Lizzie Hopley Bambera joins Rix on an excursion up north to investigate strange goings on at the abandoned Greensands Hotel. Are local legends true that the hotel is haunted by a murderous bogeyman known as Baghead, or is there a more down-to-earth explanation? The only way to uncover the truth is to stay in the hotel overnight, but their digging into the building's past has awoken something that would have been better left alone. 2.3 The Last Line of Defence by Robert Valentine With the civil war in Valge Maja threatening to spark an even greater conflict, Bambera is put in charge of security at a secret Millennium Eve peace conference to settle the matter. But as all of Earth’s leaders gather to debate the future of humanity, dark forces have conspired to ensure that this meeting will usher in a terrifying New World Order - and with the clock ticking, who can possibly stand in their way?

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