UNIT: The Benton Files 4 (Paperback)
UNIT: The Benton Files 4 (Paperback)

UNIT: The Benton Files 4 (Paperback)

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Join retired Sergeant Major John Benton as he recounts more tales of his exploits from yesteryear.

In Rotten to the Core by Hayden Gribble, young Corporal Benton is driving back from manoeuvres in Norfolk when he finds a patch of burnt countryside. But is it really burnt? And what secrets are concealed within the strange alien pod in the wood?

In Ian Ball’s Scrapped Plans, Benton has been promised some classic cars for JB Motors. But when he arrives at the scrapyard, he finds it’s been damaged by fire. Or so it seems. And the effect of the fire appears startlingly familiar. But who can he trust? And how did his favourite customer, Ted, get stuck in the mud?

Read these hair-raising adventures to find out…

UNIT: The Benton Files 4
features characters created for Doctor Who by Derrick Sherwin. 

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