Unofficial Doctor Who Big Book of Lists
Unofficial Doctor Who Big Book of Lists

Unofficial Doctor Who Big Book of Lists

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Cameron K. McEwan, author of The Who's Who of Doctor Who, is back with a book that compiles loads of fun facts and never-before-heard tidbits about the Whoniverse. (It's bigger on the inside!)

Pour over loads of fascinating lists about the TARDIS, Gallifrey, and Daleks, as the fandom unites in epic appreciation for The Doctor. Organized by theme, Doctor Who: The Big Book of Top 100 Lists will cover everything over the past fifty years of the epic series including: doppelgangers, popular locales, regenerations, Gallifrey adventures, highest-rated episodes, plots, characters and loads more.

Accompanied by the incredible Doctor Who artwork of Andrew Skilleter and loaded with weird and interesting facts and quizzes, this is the perfect gift item for the Time Lord lover in your life.

Lists include:

Actors who have appeared in Star Wars and Doctor Who
Doctor Who film references
Top 10 Kisses of the Doctor
Dopplegangers in Doctor Who
American Guest Appearances
Food and Drink in Doctor Who
"Other" Doctor Who stories (prequels, minisodes, etc...)
Regeneration Stories
Gallifrey Adventures
Alien Team-ups
People Who Came Back From The Dead
TARDIS consoles
Weirdest TARDIS dematerialisations
Highest-Rated TV Episodes
Lowest-Rated TV Episodes

Now in the second half of its century, the BBC's sci-fi classic, Doctor Who is a geek's dream TV show and this book is loaded with over 1000 facts and trivia. So grab your sonic screwdriver and unlock secrets of show that makes us excited to be a part of this wibbly-wobbly galaxy.
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