Vienna: Retribution CD Box Set
Vienna: Retribution CD Box Set

Vienna: Retribution CD Box Set

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A new three-part adventure for glamorous bounty hunter Vienna Salvatori.

“Does the prisoner have any last words?”

Vienna Salvatori used to be a dangerous woman.

Vienna Salvatori used to be an assassin.

Vienna Salvatori has changed her ways.

Hasn’t she?

After setting up a detective agency with her partner Jexie Reagan, Vienna has left her dark past behind her. Together, they bring villains to justice and right wrongs. Together, they are a team. But all that changes when a woman is killed in cold blood and Vienna is charged with the murder.

Vienna is sent to a hellhole of a prison with no hope of parole or release. But not all is what it seems on board the Splinter. With no means to escape, and no idea who she can trust, can Vienna survive life on the inside?

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